Junior Ukrainian athletes say happy birthday to Marvel!

Next year, the world will be plunging into the sport abyss called Olympics. All sport fans, will be holding their breaths and waiting for the ignition of Olympic fire. They will be witnessing the opening of the most extensive Games of all times. With the same thirst Marvel fans are waiting for the trailer of the film “Captain America: Civil War”. And we, Ukrainian sportsmen under the age of 19, are no exception.

76 years ago, studio Marvel was founded. Some says it was in the month of October, others suggested it was in the last month of autumn but we have identified the date as 4th of November when there was a film about the 75th anniversary of the studio. So today, together with the winners of the Youth Olympic Games, those age-19-and-below Ukrainian Junior Sports Awards team and sportsmen who earned the titles of World and European champions,  have decided to celebrate studio Marvel on her anniversary.

Firstly, everyone congratulates on the anniversary and not always sincerely, and then forgets about the birthday for the next 5 years. Secondly, the number 76 is considered to be a number of significance. It is used for paying respect to a group of dedicated and hard-working people who had overcome much challenges to produce that many magical outcomes. And these applied to either all sportsmen or the entire Marvel studio team. 🙂 Thirdly, it is always nice to receive compliments when one is least expected, and especially from a country about which you have heard only from the news. And most importantly – who else other than the young sportsmen, will be motivated to challenge all these super-heroes? 🙂

Although before the anniversary of Marvel, we have already decided to imagine our favourite heroes participating in our native kind of sport.

тор и кэп

Liudmila Luzan (world champion in canoeing):
“In canoeing, the best example should be Captain America. Firstly, we need to popularize the sport, and usually people from all countries are here to watch the performances of the Captain. Secondly, in canoeing, you need to feel and understand the flow of the water, and who will do it better than the man who was under the ice for 70 years? Thirdly, we are also forbidden to swear. So, no one will laugh at the Captain: “S-h-h-h, Captain asked us not to swear.” 🙂  And the most important person is Evans! Who does not want him to represent your own sport? ”


Mykhailo Romanchuk (champion of the Second Youth Olympic Games, world record holder in swimming):
“To win the Olympic “gold”, you need to outstrip the world record. It is almost impossible. However, if you have blood of Asgard in your veins and you are a God, you will conquer everything… With the strength and speed of the Thor, he will be the first swimmer who can win all medals and become an undisputed champion. The only question is what to do with his hammer? 🙂 .”

железный человек


Alina Shukh (bronze medalist of the World Championship of heptathlon):
“Athletics will bend to all super heroes except to the Iron Man. I would gladly looked at his performance in the pole vault but with one condition, that is, he should not turn on his high-tech suit, so he depends only on his own strength and without seeking the assistance of his high-tech suit!  I wonder whether any pole will be able to support his total weight?”


Bogdan Iadov (bronze medalist of the second Youth Olympic Games, judo):
“Imagine Hulk on the mat. No! Not so a Green Hulk… in white kimono… on the mat. Can you Imagine? This giant will throw his rivals and conduct combat techniques… I think, as a result of this, there will be a new weight category in judo and a new term “zaHALKin” will be introduced, that is “Please, do not disturb while I crush you to pieces”. Then the green Hulk will revert back to his original white and apologize to all his rivals. What a polite judoka-killer, he is” 🙂

Черная вдова

Alla Gryschuk (bronze medalist of the World Fencing Championship):
“It will be very easy for Black Widow in the fencing category. She is fast and able to kick with strength. But I cannot imagine how she copes with artistic gymnastics. In sports gymnastics she will become one of the best because of her well preparation in all those flips, somersaults are a kid-play to her. But in artistic gymnastics – how she can exercise with tapes or with clubs? I also cannot imagine the Black Widow dressed in a sport swimsuit and smile to the judges. She, as if, is expressing the following : “If you do not award me with the highest score – you will be in troubles.” 🙂


Ruslan Valitov (bronze medalist of the Second Youth Olympic Games, throwing):
“I am confident that Hawkeye will become the first in any kind of throwing because everything that he throws, will knock down any obstacles in his path. I would like to check out my favorite hero in the winter sports. For example, in the biathlon. Hawkeye shoots accurately while in motion: he can run, fall, jump and yet he still manages to strike all his targets. I hope that the snow will not prevent and hinder him from achieving that! Everything is according to the rules of biathlon –  circling with skis, then followed by a check for accuracy. I am sure that biathletes will be shocked by such tough opponent: a person that skis with a bow”. 🙂хоукай

Just like the usual ending of a film that says, “to be continued…” It is impossible to put all the favorite characters and all kinds of sports into one article. And the main goal was not to accomplish this. With these materials, we just want to thank the entire Marvel Studio and her talented team who had worked diligently to produce many wonderful movies. We are also grateful to those heroes that have inspired us to achieve more and motivated us to triumph with more victories in sport and most importantly, to ascertain that one needs not be a super hero, to win in sport.

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